Depending on your line of work you may like a hip, friendly or creative headshot or you may prefer to project an air of formality, knowledge and trustworthiness for those in professional services. Your vibe is up to you. But to guide you, here are some helpful tips.

Your Skin

Be your best SELF! Take care of yourself the days before your session. Drink plenty of water; don’t skimp on your skincare routine. This will make your skin very hydrated to fill in lines and wrinkles, under eye circles, and give you a healthy glow. And maybe best not to have a big night out the night before.

 Looking for the perfect skincare option for you? Here are some fabulous options I use myself.

No Tanning

Please no tanning before your session, the camera doesn’t like the colour.

Your Hair

Arrive on the day at your session time with your hair ready! Why not get a blow wave the day before or the morning of your session. Dani will here to help you make sure everything is in place - so bring your brush.

Make Up

For Make-Up, before you arrive make sure your skin is refreshed and ready to go. Dani will match the perfect shade of our new Radiant Defense to your skin to give you that perfect camera ready look and glow. Dani will define your eyes and make your best features stand out. Bring your makeup so she can match your look. 

Some helpful tips:

• Keep it simple and make sure it feels good for you. If you normally wear a strong lipstick, then that’s fine, but don’t go for a bold look if you don’t normally look like that. Think day time.

• Blemishes and “smile” lines can be touched up afterwards, don’t worry.

Nails & Brows

Please also think about your nails and eyebrows. If they need a tidy up, please do so a few days ahead. Your nails may or may not show in your images, but your eyebrows definitely will.

What to Wear

What to wear? Think about what your image will be used for. Do you need to be casual or professional? Dress accordingly. If you are not sure what outfit looks best, bring two to choose from.  

Some helpful tips:

• Be careful of patterns. They distract from you and date. If you have to choose, plain is best.

• A modest v-neck is universally flattering because it lengthens the neck and displays the décolleté. Opt for outfits with sleeves (too much skin takes away from your face). If you choose to wear a jacket, pair it with a collarless top. AVOID high neck tops, which box your face and make it look crowded!

• Pick a colour that is you and you feel good in and brings attention to your eyes. AVOID wearing tops in flesh tones if they MAY wash you out (cream, beige, pastels, peach or yellow) as they may blend your face into your clothes. AVOID bright red or orange as this may alter your skin tone.

• For most people, when it comes to jewellery, choose simple earrings and necklaces. They keep the focus on the face. Big statement jewellery will date your photos.

Your Best Angles

Let us know. If there is a feature of your face that you don’t like or something that you are self conscious of let me know. I will work with you to make sure we get the best angles for you.

Look & Feel

What do you want your photos to convey? Before arriving, reflect on what you want your photos to convey to your viewer. If you are a counsellor, you probably will say, “Trustworthy, open and approachable.” This will help us know how best to capture you on the day.


Your engaging smile is the key to a wonderful image. We won’t tell you to smile, but we will make you smile. If you think about someone / something funny it’ll look much better and more natural. Or think about that ideal client finally walking through your door. That should make you smile big!


Most importantly, relax and let’s get ready for some fun! I know that having your photo taken is not always fun. But with us it will be. You are around friends who see you as the amazing person you are … and that is what we will capture.

Any questions, please feel free to contact me (Gray) at 0423 760 33 or No questions are too small or big.